With the renovation of the Morosini-Grimani castle, Svetvinčenat plans to become a year-round destination

first_imgSource / photo: Glas Istre The “KulTERRA” project, which is financed from European Union funds, envisages the revitalization of two castles. The company manages part of the castle Morosini-Grimani, which, in addition to sightseeing the fortress, also offers a special experience “Escape Castle Svetvincenat”. The company is also one of the partners in the “KulTERRA” project. The reason for that is the creation of quality staff who will take over the complete management after the completion of the project, which would put the renewed cultural property for tourist purposes, concludes Stanić. “Of course, apart from Savičenta doo, some of the key partners for further cooperation and management of the castle are the local Historical Association Kaštel and the association Istra Inspirit, whose members participated in fencing, archery and storytelling education within the KulTERRA project, with the aim of spreading and improving their knowledge. and the skill to create new tourist products and events that will be able to take place in the renovated castle throughout the year.” “The purpose of the project is ultimately to make Svetvincenat and Buzet culturally and historically recognizable tourist destinations throughout the year. This will lead to the complete renovation and equipping of both castles”, Said Igor Macan, project manager. Medieval festival in Savičenta / AUTHOR: JOSIP MADRAČEVIĆ In December 2017, the “Visitor Center – House of the Witch Mare ” in which the legend of the witch Mare and the legend of the unknown horseman are interpreted with the help of modern technology. The other part of the visitor center is under renovation co-financed by the Ministry of Tourism. RELATED NEWS:center_img The society, in addition to individual visits, also organizes group ones such as school, kindergarten programs and teambuilding, through which various activities are combined. ISTRIAN SVETVINČENAT BECAME THE FIRST PLACE IN THE WORLD WITH THE APPLICATION OF VIRTUAL REALITY IN SIGHTSEEING Through the project, new products inspired by cultural heritage were designed and developed based on traditional beliefs in supernatural beings, as well as souvenirs inspired by the history of real people. Various manifestations of revived history, such as performances and performances, have been conceptually designed, and a completely new tourist product has been developed. Namely, it is a sparkling wine “Konfini”, for the realization of which the Istrian winemaker Ivica Matošević is responsible. After the completion of the reconstruction of the Morosini-Grimani castle in Svetvinčenat, the resources offered by the fortress will be managed by the company Savičenta doo It is a company wholly owned by the Municipality of Svetvinčenat, engaged in activities related to tourist spending in the municipality. The company specializes in the management of tourist attractions owned by the Municipality of Svetvincenat, but also for networking of existing tourist and catering facilities in the destination, designing and coordinating programs, organizing special themed evenings, group visits and sightseeing and the like. “In order to achieve the purpose of existence, ie systematic management of the destination and creating potential for a better life of the local population, it is necessary to network existing attractions in the Municipality of Svetvincenat, because only through such a system of experiences the destination has the power to attract visitors. Savičenta doo has a key role in creating the motive for arrival, with a focus on longer stays, whose main role is networking content, ie creating products, especially on the basis of existing content, but also encouraging the development of new tourist and catering facilities in the destination. Another important role of Savičenta doo is promotion in target markets, ie cooperation with all attractions in order to create joint programs, clear cooperation, and thus the main “products” that will be recognized as attractive enough to come to the destination, especially outside the main season.”, Explains Matea Stanić, director of Savičente doo Reconstructions are planned for the Svetvinčenat castle Morosini-Grimani and the Buzet castle Petrapilos in order to increase the attractiveness and recognizability of the Municipality of Svetvinčenat and the City of Buzet through the valorization of cultural heritage, Glas Istre reports.last_img

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