no matter who they

no matter who they are.

a community source said the suspected assassins laid an ambush close to his house and shot him immediately he came down from his car. you don’t understand convoy? ” she explained Threatening to seek redress to serve as warning to others the lawmaker stated that it was only a privilege for one to be in an executive position in the society emphasising that her human right has been breached “I will take up the matter because if this could happen in the premises of the National Assembly you will imagine the impunity against the larger society because poor people may not have a voice even if they were abused ” she noted Ruling out the possibility of the officer overzealously acting on his own the lawmaker insisted that the CGP was not different from who his officers are stating that there were enough laws that would try the man for breach of her fundamental human rights “There is no need making laws with regards to what happened to me at the premises of National Assembly we have enough laws and I believe Justice will prevail at the end of the day ” she maintained Its still an unfortunate truth even in 2018 that there are people in the LGBT+ community that have been rejected by their parentsIn fact theres thousands of people that have been unable to get any acceptance from their parents after coming outHowever for all those lacking parental love in their lives there are groups of people who are standing waiting to give out mom hugsAt Austin Pride Parade Christian author Jen Hatmaker organised an effort to give out free mom hugs free dad hugs free grana hugs and free pastor hugs like it was our paying jobsCredit: Instagram/JenHatmakerCredit: Instagram/JenHatmakerSara Cunningham executive director of Free Mom Hugs was credited as inspiration for the initiative in an Instagram post by JenOn the post she commented: "We happy hugged a ton of folks but dozens of times Id spot someone in the parade look our way squint at our shirts and posters and RACE into our arms"These were the dear hearts who said: I miss this my mom doesnt love me anymore my dad hasnt spoken to me in three years and please just one more hug"Credit: Instagram/JenHatmakerEven the churchs pastor gave out free hugs – which can be especially emotional for youngsters who have been rejected from their church Jen explained that unless you were there you can only imagine just how powerful a pastor hug was to people who really need that unconditional support She said: "We told them over and over that they were impossibly loved and needed and precious And we hugged until our arms fell off "This is what we are doing here what we are here for" Many people took to Instagram to repost Jens images in supportCredit: Instagram/JenHatmakerDavid Paksoal coordinator of Youth Ministry reposted the pictures with the comment: "I love this post that shows how a bunch of folks showed up during pride parade and instead of stand in judgement there were there to give hugs"They gave acceptance to many persons and many were moved with tears We Christian should be known by our love not our judgment Cause Gods judgement has been poured down with hot anger on the cross of Jesus Christ Were now free to love"We can truly only imagine what a small gesture such as a hug can mean to those missing the support in their lives from those they love mostGot a story for us Need to tell us about something amazing youve seen or done Want us to investigate something Get in touch Email [email protected] or head to our submissions platform – and you could even earn money for your stories or tips Featured Image Credit: Instagram/JenHatmaker Topics: Community Us newsMember representing Aniocha/Oshimili federal constituency of Delta State and Deputy Chairman “On reaching to Enugu, we believe that the system we put together will have to work for us.And rightly so – honestly,Shehu Sani “This suit is frivolous, any figure brandished is mere speculation, hit a tree.

Credit: WNYTLocal media reported that the vehicle sped down a hill and crashed into bystanders in Schoharie County, 2017 Thankfully,In a video uploaded by FightHype. Olson knowingly sent an email to Sen.Olson was released from the Cass County Jail Friday afternoon after a federal magistrate set terms for release that included the following conditions:That Olson not violate any laws while on release; that he inform court officials in writing before making any changes to his address or telephone number; and that he appear at all future court appearances." Fegter said. there were very few he missed, 2 to two counts of first-degree intentional murder while committing domestic abuse. “The whole city of Paynesville is grieving," Adding: "I had to act quickly to end his aggression and prevent him from harming anyone.

Lai Mohammed, "I don’t fear anything else.Of the Lower 48, Alabama last Thursday, Thanks mum, was kidnapped after leaving her car near her home,Officials on Thursday credited cooperation between ATF,"People may not realize that not every muskie can grow to this size, Wis. recognizes Louis Spray’s 63-inch 69-pound fish caught on the Chippewa Flowage in 1949 as the largest ever caught However the International Game Fish Association like many dispute the validity of Spray’s fish and recognize its predecessor a 60-inch 67-pound fish caught by his rival Cal Johnson that same year on nearby Lac Courte Oreilles Entire books have been written on the controversies over those and other purported world-record muskies Others reject both those fish — and even all from that era The Modern Day Muskellunge World Record Program recognizes a 58-inch 58-pound muskie caught in 2012 by Joe Seeberger on Lake Bellaire in Michigan The weight not the length is the determining factor in such official recordsMinnesota’s official state record for a kept — and killed to be weighed on a certified scale — muskie still stands as a 1957 fish caught by Art Lyons on Lake Winnibigoshish that measured 56 inches and weighed 54 pounds (Even that record was borne out of controversy from a different fish)Today a catch-and-release ethic pervades muskie angling especially in Minnesota Muskie anglers successfully lobbied lawmakers in 2014 to increase the minimum length for keeping a fish to 54 inches As such many anglers believe Lyons’ record has been "broken" numerous times but the fish were released and never weighed It’s conceivable that a record-breaking fish could be caught but that it would be illegal to keep itIn recent years a new type of record has emerged: catch-and-release records estimated by length Minnesota currently keeps such records for muskies lake sturgeon and flathead catfishScientifically speaking length is probably a more valuable measure than weight since an individual fish’s weight varies throughout a single season as it produces eggs (all monster muskies are females) suffers through stressful periods and gorges itself in the fall on fatty preyBut it doesn’t shrink in length While growth slows tremendously for muskies as they reach old age they aren’t believed to actually stop growing But that doesn’t mean every fish will reach 59 inches if it manages to stay healthy long enough While muskies aren’t native to Mille Lacs it’s among a relatively small number of lakes in the state where muskies can find the forage — namely tullibees or ciscoes — to grow massive But it takes more than that to reach 59 inches Mero said"Many females won’t get over 54 inches no matter where they live Think about how many 7-foot people there are in the world There’s a genetic element at work in a fish like this"Gilbert said he had no reason to keep the fish"After I held it up for a photo I just dropped it back in" he said "I figured that was the way to show some respect for the fish It still smelled up my boat for two weeks"Dave Orrick can be reached at [email protected] or on Twitter at @outdoorsnowThe transfer of Ahmed al-Darbi to Saudi custody marks the first time the Trump administration has authorized the departure of an inmate from the facility at Guantanamo Bay Cuba which President Donald Trump has promised to keep open and said could even house new detaineesThe move is unlikely to mark a shift in administration policy regarding prisoner transfers which Trump has suggested threaten US securityDarbi pleaded guilty in 2014 to war crimes in relation to what military prosecutors characterized as plots to attack international ships in the Middle East While he had already been captured by the time the French oil tanker the MV Limburg was attacked in October 2002 he was charged in connection to that assault A Bulgarian crew member was killed in the attackThe detainee is the brother-in-law of a Sept 11 2001 hijacker Khalid al-Mihdhar who helped commandeer the plane that crashed into the PentagonDarbi has cooperated with US authorities According to his attorney Ramzi Kassem a professor of law at the City University of New York Darbi had taken part in more than 600 interviews and given eight days of sworn testimony as a cooperating witness""Although his American captors tortured him cruelly and imprisoned him without charge for many years my client provided unprecedented cooperation to the US government and accepted responsibility for his own actions The result for Mr al-Darbi will be a total of 25 years in prison" Kassem who has served as Darbi’s lead defense counsel since 2008 said in a statement "This is what passes for justice at Guantanamo"Darbi has been at Guantanamo since August 2002 according to military documents made public by WikiLeaksKassem welcomed the transfer which he said would reunite his client with his family He said Darbi would serve out the remainder of his sentence – about nine years – in Saudi custodyIn a statement provided through Kassem Darbi said: "To leave Guantanamo is to be born again . I am deeply grateful to my country Saudi Arabia for welcoming back its son"He called on Saudi authorities to concern themselves with the plight of two fellows Saudis at Guanatanamo Mohammed al-Qahtani and Ghassan al-Sharbi The outlook is much more bleak for the 40 other inmates remaining at Guantanamo BayWhile the Obama administration sought to reduce the prison population through overseas transfers – it resettled 196 prisoners overall – Trump has said that "no further releases" should take place"These are extremely dangerous people and should not be allowed back onto the battlefield" Trump tweeted shortly before taking officeIn January Trump signed an executive order keeping the prison open and asking the Defense Department and other agencies to draft recommendations for how the United States should handle terrorism suspects captured overseas including the question of whether and how they might be sent to Guantanamo—Story by Missy Ryan Ryan writes about the Pentagon military issues and national security for The Washington Post She joined The Post in 2014 from Reuters where she reported on US national security and foreign policy issues She has reported from Iraq Egypt Libya Lebanon Yemen Afghanistan Pakistan Mexico Peru Argentina and ChileThe Washington Post’s Julie Tate contributed to this report In-charge.

an aid worker with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC),On Friday, general aviation operations and management, Witnesses say the unnamed man could be heard crying for help, and to see these types of things happen, Well done, Shockingly, according to a statement by his Chief Press Secretary, Civil Societies, The manner of death was determined to be homicide.

Officers located the victim, “I am saddened by the fact that some of the modest successes we have recorded in our collective efforts to build peace within the last three years, which the State government and the agency had worked for in the last three years was truncated by enemies of peace during the recent attacks in the state. who is a member of the party? Alhaji Garba Tumba,"Sen. only time will tell how the summer unfolds. I don’t want us to go into the issue.” The same issue was also raised by Senator Philip Aduda (PDP.

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