OnePlus 6T popup events start today Heres where and when

The OnePlus 6T won’t just be released on T-Mobile USA and online, it’ll be released at pop-up events around the world. Users will be able to buy the OnePlus 6T at special events that’ll be in-place at unique locations for a very short period of time. These events will be taking place in the USA, Europe, the Nordics, India, and China too. These events start on October 29th, 2018 – that’s today! T-Mobile USA will have the OnePlus 6T at 5600 locations starting on November 1st. Have a peek at our OnePlus 6T release date and pricing official article from earlier today to get a handle on the full release schedule. And stick around for our full first impressions, hands-on, and full review too! Story TimelineOnePlus 6T Pop-up Stores: where and when they’ll pop upOnePlus 6T passes Verizon certification, sources sayOnePlus 6T release date and pricing officialOnePlus 6T release day details official At the events users will get the opportunity to sort of join the OnePlus community, so to speak. According to OnePlus, “You’ll want to queue up early to pick up your OnePlus 6T at a Community Pop-up near you. Join us at one of our many cool venues, pick up exclusive gear and goodies, and get your hands on the OnePlus 6T before anyone else.”That includes “gear and goodies” as well as “snacks and drinks” and the opportunity to “catch up with the OnePlus team.” Also you’ll be able to buy the smartphone, of course. The events will be taking place as follows, starting this afternoon.OnePlus 6T Pop-up Events schedule:OCTOBER 29th• New York 5PM-11PM Times SquareOCTOBER 31st• Paris 12:00-20:00 Fnac, 26-30 Avenue des Ternes, 75017• Lyon 12:00-19:30 Bouygues Telecom, 55 Rue de la République, 69002 In the gallery below you’ll find a WHOLE BUNCH more dates and times, complete with fancy photos from OnePlus. If you’re in the USA, there’s only ONE DATE and ONE PLACE, but in the rest of the regions there seems to be a few more. Almost as if the USA shops online and doesn’t need pop-up events and/or T-Mobile USA’s going to take care of them anyway.

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