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first_imgREAD MORETwo Arrested for Capital Murder After Body Found Monday: Nov. 10, 2015Body Found in Forest Identified — Two Charged in Murder: Nov. 11, 2015Two New Arrests in Samantha Payne Case: Nov. 13, 2015Payne Murder Suspects Attend Preliminary Hearing: Dec. 23, 2015Two More Facing Murder Charges in Heinous 2015 Killing: May 21, 2018Man Pleads Guilty With Possibility of Parole in 2015 Murder of Samantha Payne: Nov. 6, 2018Samantha Payne Trial: Witnesses Testify, Trial Continues Tuesday: Nov. 9, 2018Samantha Payne Trial: Man Who Pleaded Guilty Testifies: Nov. 13, 2018Samantha Payne Trial: Woman Who Pleaded Guilty Testifies Against Two on Trial: Nov. 14, 2018Samantha Payne Trial: Jury Will Reconvene to Settle on Verdict: Nov. 16, 20182 on Trial in Samantha Payne Murder Found Guilty: Nov. 19, 2018Samantha Payne Trial: Two Sentenced to 30 Years for Kidnapping, Murder: Dec. 17, 2018 After more than three years, the man investigators believe killed Samatha Payne in 2015 is finally standing trial.Michael Belcher is the fifth and final suspect in this case. He’s also been called the ring leader.Belcher and Payne had at one point been in a relationship, according to investigators, and he and the other four involved spent time together using drugs including methamphetamine.Marcus George and Alyssa Watson are currently serving 30-year sentences in state prisons for their involvement in this case, Steven George is serving a life sentence with the possibility of parole and Chylli Bruce is serving a 20 year split sentence.Some key witnesses called to the stand toward were Jeffrey Eiland, who discovered Payne’s body; Payne’s mother Susi Payne; Bruce and George.Bruce and George said under oath that Belcher was suspicious of Payne ratting him out to police about his drug use. Their testimony walked the court through the brutal beatings they said Payne endured from Belcher at several locations in Bibb County. Payne was tied up, put in a trunk and driven to the Talladega National Forest, where she was eventually killed.Bruce told the court that Belcher confessed to killing Payne by stabbing her, and George said he helped Belcher take Payne into the forest. George said he left Belcher there with his knife.This is the first time in nearly a decade that Tuscaloosa County prosecutors have sought the death penalty.Belcher’s trial reconvenes Tuesday morning at 9 am.last_img

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