In the land of cards

first_imgOnce upon a time, there was a prince who was troubled with life’s confusions and the lack of solutions. He sets on a journey to a different land to know more about the world and to experience something new. Joining him on the knowledge quest is his friend, a merchant’s son. But fate had a different plan for the prince; a storm leaves his ship stranded in a strange island inhabited by card puppets. These card puppets have their own set of protocols that are at odds with the real world. The amused prince questions them, observes them and tries to understand how their world works, all along skeptical about changing his own beliefs. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’What happens when men are faced with the herculean inevitability called change?  The answers were the theme of this dance-drama, Land of Cards or Tasher Desh by Rabindranath Tagore.The play was beautifully directed and choreographed by Sushma Seth, depicting the clear message by Tagore that change is inevitable better to accept it as soon as it knocks on the door.  All the artistes lived up to their characters but the most amusing performance was the perfectly synchronised act by the small girls who played the cards.Questions and fears that infects a person’s mind were answered by lyrical dialogues of the play. It was amusing to see how each character perfectly portrayed the confusions and emotional turmoil that many of us go through, while accepting something new.The ending song of the dance drama was a joyous urge to dissolve all rules and formalities – like breaking a dam to usher in water, in this case, to you usher in freedom and new culture.last_img

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