Wonder Boy is the Most Bizarre Video Game Movie Ever Made

first_img You may think you’ve seen the worst video game movies ever made. But until you watch Wonder Boy, you haven’t seen anything.First, a little backstory. The Wonder Boy games were produced by a Japanese studio called Escape. The first one was localized here as NES platformer Adventure Island, but later games were primarily on Sega systems. They went from simple run-and-jumpers to complex and colorful side-scrolling RPGs with huge worlds. You can read more about the series at Hardcore Gaming 101.The games are loved by a niche audience but certainly don’t have wide recognition – the last new entry in the series came out in 1994. But one man really loved Wonder Boy enough to want to make a movie out of it. And that man’s name… is Robin Morningstar.Mr. Morningstar is notable for another video game movie, the ill-fated cinematic adaptation of dark 90s platformer Chakan The Forever Man. You probably haven’t heard of it, and it’s bad – but not anywhere near as bad as Wonder Boy.When you think “bad video game movies,” the name Uwe Boll is bound to come up at some point, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that he was involved with this one as well. Boll and Morningstar partnered up to try and buy the rights for the franchise from Sega, and eventually Uwe got frustrated and walked off.One would think that would be the end of the story, but no. Apparently, Robin Morningstar actually went ahead anyways without securing the rights and produced an unauthorized, all-CGI Wonder Boy movie in 2010 which has just surfaced on YouTube.The well-named Cool Great Website has the whole rundown, which is well worth your time. Or you could just watch the YouTube upload of Wonder Boy (2010) for yourself and let your brain ooze out of your ears.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target Sealed Copy of NES Cult Classic ‘Kid Icarus’ Earns $9K at AuctionMike Tyson Is Still Pissed Over Nintendo’s ‘Punch-Out!!’ last_img

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