Google delays Nexus Q for reworking existing preorders get one for free

first_imgJust yesterday, you would have been completely justified in laughing at anyone who openly admitted to pre-ordering the Nexus Q. As far as a media streaming device goes, the version of the Q handed out at Google I/O was terrible. The buzz has apparently been so bad, that Google is delaying the consumer launch of the device so it can be re-tooled. The reason why you’re no longer allowed to laugh at folks with a Nexus Q pre-order, is that Google is going to let them have the old device for free. Wow.The Nexus Q is a spherical set top box that was designed to stream content from Google’s ecosystem, and nowhere else. This is perhaps the first knock against it. The Q would be able to stream music from your Google Play Music library, as well as any videos you got from Google Play. There was some Android action going on behind the scenes, but the Nexus Q itself had no user interface.All this adds up to very few user pre-ordering the device for a whopping $299. That’s a whole lot for a device that didn’t do much. In fact, I’d wager that almost all the pre-orders came from developers that were unable to make it to Google I/O.Google has sent out an email to those brave souls that pre-ordered the Q, saying the device has been delayed so it could, “work on making it even better.” If the early reviews are anything to go by, Google has a lot of work to do. When the device is finally ready, it will be up for order again. Existing pre-orders will get a current (read: lame) Nexus Q shipped for free right now. No, there’s no way to get in on this deal unless you have access to a time machine.This entire boondoggle says two things about the Nexus Q. First, it was an ill-conceived product as originally envisioned thanks to the high price and lack of features. Second, so few people pre-ordered it that Google felt it could safely hand them out for free. The Nexus Q product page has been replaced by a simple landing page with an email address field. When it will return is anyone’s guess. This might seem extreme, but it’s probably the smartest thing Google could have done.via All Things Dlast_img

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