3DP expands with realtime production and maintenance reporting

first_img3D-P has released 3D-P Production Reporting and 3D-P Maintenance Reporting systems, powered by iVolve, adding to its current portfolio of application integration solutions and wireless network services.3D-P says it has “recognised a pressing need in the industry for a cost effective solution for real-time reporting of production and maintenance data from the mobile fleet. The 3D-P Production and Maintenance Reporting systems are targeted specifically at mines that are in need of simple and easy to use reporting for production and maintenance data. Running on the 3D-P Intelligent Endpoint, the system leverages the capabilities of 3D-P’s high performance wireless networks.”The 3D-P Production and Maintenance Reporting solutions interface with the systems on board a mine’s haul trucks, loaders and other equipment to gather production data such as payload, location, status etc., and maintenance data such as temperatures and pressures, and reports them through flexible and easy-to-use dashboards in real-time. The information can be reported to the operator in the cab, allowing trucks to be loaded more consistently and often providing up to 10% increase in productivity. Centre of gravity is also reported, allowing the trucks to carry larger loads safely and also supporting productivity gains.Many mines continue to gather and report data manually resulting in delayed access to production and maintenance information. This results in delayed corrective actions that often should be taken immediately and decisions being made without all of the correct data in-hand, potentially causing significant consequences to the mine operations. The Plant Management module provides an easy-to-use real-time monitoring and control system for the management of site equipment such as light plants and pumps.3D-P is licensing the Production and Maintenance Reporting systems from iVolve, a progressive Australian company with considerable experience in the collection and reporting of real-time mine data. Customers using the system in Australia are consistently reporting that access to their critical equipment data is allowing them to make more timely and accurate operations decisions and is positively impacting cycle times, production and costs.“Our considerable experience with mine operations has shown us the pressing need for real-time reporting of production and maintenance data at an affordable price in many mines. We are excited about the introduction of the 3D-P Production and Maintenance Reporting systems to meet these needs and help mine management make better decisions and optimize utilization of their production fleet” says David Fisk, Vice President Sales and Marketing at 3D-P.With over 20 years’ experience, 3D-P understands the challenges of deploying mission critical wireless networks in mining environments and offers a distinctive and effective approach to network design. Focusing on optimising RF zones, its engineers have the knowledge to design, deploy, optimise and support any wireless network for maximum reliability and performance. To further facilitate real-time access to the mines’ critical data, 3D-P designs and manufactures the Intelligent Endpoint (IEP), a ruggedised communication and computing device built specifically for mines. It enables application integration and hosting of third-party applications.The architecture of the iVolve solution is designed to allow individual modules to be deployed specific to each mine’s specific needs and allows for seamless additional functionality when needs and scale change.last_img

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