At Open House thousands pour in

Prospective Brock students and their families shopped around dozens of information booths in the Ian Beddis gym.More than 3,500 guests, including 1,200 prospective students, arrived on campus on Sunday March 1 for the annual Open House. Lying in wait was a large Brock welcoming team that included professors, vice-presidents, staff members and more than 80 enthused student volunteers.On a day dedicated to converting university applicants into confirmed Brock students, the visitors were plied with tours and information sessions on a wide range of topics: academic programs, residences, student supports, recreation, health and wellness programs, and more.Brock has a great story to tell, and Admissions staff had already worked hard getting a high volume of Offers of Admission out to applicants prior to Sunday, to prompt them to attend Open House.The bottom line: choose Brock.“I personally convinced one girl to come here,” said one staff member. “When she told me it was between Brock and Windsor, I made it my mission to show her why she had no choice but Brock. When she left, her mind was made up.”View photos from Open HouseThe Ian Beddis gym was buzzing as crowds checked out information booths and spoke with students, faculty and staff from Brock’s academic programs and University services. Meanwhile, staff volunteers from departments across the University helped with registration and way-finding.Highlights of the day included:• A virtual tour of the new home of the Marilyn I Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts, opening this spring in downtown St Catharines, examined the new learning facilities and what they will mean for the student experience;• Alumni Association volunteers and staff, situated in a high-traffic zone, did huge business distributing free Bring the General Home t-shirts;• Dining Services brought in additional staff in Walker, Tim Hortons, Guernsey, Lowenberger and DeCew Dining Halls, providing discounts for guests and a wide range of samplers throughout the campus tour stations;• Athletics and Rec Services students and staff collaborated to show a wide scope of athletic activities in the Bob Davis Gym, and generate excitement about student life• Residence Life staff toured guests through residences;• BUSU welcomed guests into the Alumni Student Centre, providing a multimedia presentation and touring their facilities.

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