Oh my god call 911 See dramatic footage of London home explosion

Dramatic surveillance video shows the moment a massive explosion lit up the night sky in east London after a vehicle struck a home and severed a natural gas line.The 27-second clip, posted on Facebook by Old East Village resident Kandice Trickett, shows two women lounging in a backyard hot tub when a giant fire ball appears above the tree line nearby.“Oh my god, call 911 please. Call 911,” one of the women shouts to a long-haired man, who’s drying off beside the hot tub.The man yells at the two women to get out of the water immediately.“Get out of the tub . . . Get out of the F***ing tub,” he says.Both women rush out of the water and look for a phone to call police.Trickett, who lives on Dorinda Street beside the couple whose backyard was shown in the video, says she ran outside in her underwear after hearing an explosion that shook her house.Story continues belowThis advertisement has not loaded yet,but your article continues below.“The cloud from the explosion was rolling towards us,” Trickett said Friday.“You can see why Mike in the video was freaking out, trying to get them out of the tub.”A car travelling in the wrong direction on Queens Avenue, a one-way street, struck a house on Woodman Avenue shortly after 10:30 p.m. Wednesday, police said.The crash severed a natural gas line. Firefighters were working to evacuate the area when the explosion happened shortly before 11 p.m., injuring four firefighters, two police officers and one citizen.One firefighter remained in hospital listed in serious but stable condition Friday.Daniella Alexandra Leis, 23, of Kitchener faces multiple charges including four counts of impaired driving causing bodily harm.The blast destroyed two homes and at least eight others were damaged, officials say.One-hundred nearby homes were evacuated, but the residents at all but 10 – eight on Woodman, two on Charlotte Street – of those homes were allowed to return Thursday [email protected]’S NOTE: Some internet browsers do not support the video format so it may not appear for all desktop readers.

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