Ecuadorean GEOs Receive Training with 9-mm Pistols at the Huancavilca Military Fort

first_imgBy Dialogo August 16, 2011 The Special Operations Group (GEO) began a training course in shooting techniques and tactics with 9-mm pistols at the Huancavilca Military Fort, a course intended for the officer corps of the Guayas 5th Infantry Brigade. The objective of the exercise is to increase the trainees’ levels of reaction and precision, with a view toward future situations in which they might be required to use their service weapon. The commander of the 5th Brigade, Colonel Arias Monteros, highlighted the importance of the exercise, in that it will improve his men’s skills in the use of this weapon and in response to scenarios such as those of the fight against arms trafficking, drug trafficking, and organized crime. I am a 15 year old young lady, my dreams and aspirations have always been to be a part of the Ecuadorian army. …please help me…last_img

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