6 Shows You Need to Watch on Netflix Now

first_imgThey say we are living in the golden age of television…and it’s certainly easy to see why. The content available to us is endless, and now it can appear in mere seconds if we will it. Just look at all the streaming services out there. But having so many choices so easily accessible is overwhelming, we miss things, and good shows fall through the cracks. Luckily Netflix is here as a digital safety net. We here at Geek want to make sure you haven’t missed some of our favorites while skimming over the vastness of small screen options.Comedy Bang BangSubmitted by: Jordan MinorIn the world of podcasts, Scott Aukerman’s Comedy Bang Bang is an improv institution. Since 2009 alt-comics have been coming to the Earwolf studio to play all sorts of bizarre characters. But heynong man, I thought we were writing about TV. Well if you don’t have IFC, you can watch the entirety of the Comedy Bang Bang TV spin-off on Netflix. The change in formats gives the show a different vibe compared to the podcast. The show is somewhere between talk show parody and Pee-wee’s Playhouse for folks ironically on the fringe of show business. But they share a surreal, hilarious core, as well as a few characters. If anything, it will make you angry that Reggie Watts’s deeply strange comedic talents are being wasted on James Corden’s dumb late night show. SpotlessSubmitted by: Sheilah VillariIf you’re a crime show fan this is the gem for you. It’s like CSI…but a little British, a little French and the line is blurred between the good guys and bad guys. Esquire picked this up last summer, and I only caught a few episodes but lucky for me Netflix nabbed it next. It’s dark, it’s funny, it’s two brothers trying to fix a broken relationship over crime scene cleanup business all while trying to keep their new gangster partners pleased. Spotless is the lovechild of Breaking Bad and Dexter. Dark secrets from past and present haunt these brothers. And moral dilemmas are prominently featured in each episode. It is an absolutely fascinating, gory, realistic, crime dramedy and I hope there is a season 2.  Plus our lead is played by Marc-André Grondin who is such a brilliant actor, I’m just glad more people can see it too!Grace and FrankieSubmitted by: Stephanie MlotIt’s rare these days to see women of a certain age on television. But Grace and Frankie handles postmenopause with dignity and honesty (the punny name just clicked). Type-A Wasp Grace (Jane Fonda) and former hippie Frankie (Lily Tomlin) are forced to live together when their husbands (Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston, respectively) leave them to marry each other. The 21st century The Odd Couple feels like the perfect day you never want to end; the chemistry between the former 9 to 5 co-stars is palpable. And you can’t tell me that two septuagenarians starting a sex toy company for ladies over 60 isn’t the best plot line currently streaming.Penny Dreadfulsubmitted by: Keenan McClellandWith Universal unleashing its final attempts to reanimate The Mummy, along with the rest of the legendary monsters that started it all for the studio. Now is the perfect time to re-educate yourself on what made these creatures so classic in the first place. Within Showtime’s 2014-2016 gothic tale of romance and horror, you will not find cheesy one liners or big Hollywood budget explosions. Instead, Penny Dreadful goes back to the original literature that made these famous monsters so poetically memorable and puts them together to create what we wanted out of a true League of Extraordinary Gentlemen adaptation. May I also add that Doctor Who fans will get a kick out of seeing Billie Piper play one of the most fierce women in all of horror. She gives one of the best monologues have ever seen on television in my entire life (covered in blood, of course). Peaky Blinderssubmitted by: Dan StarkeyThink English Boardwalk Empire, that’s the spirit behind this English crime drama. A mob family has trouble hanging onto their power and influence in the shifting tides of 1920s Birmingham. Three seasons have aired so far, each dealing with a different challenge for the gang. The first sees leadership struggles and the struggle to return to normalcy after war. But throughout the season, Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) takes over the legendary, eponymous gang. From there, the narrative is his struggle to manage the family and maintain his alliances. There’s no stunning new territory here — crime dramas are a genre unto themselves for a reason — but everyone on board brings their absolute best. Everything from set design and costuming to staggering performances of Blinders’ ensemble cast is stellar. Chill With Bob RossSubmitted by: K. Thor JensenThis world is a constant vortex of horror and misery, as President Trump leads us into pretty much every apocalypse possible all at the same time. So why not spend your last hours on Earth consuming television programming that will wash all of that away with vistas of happy little trees and snow-capped mountains. Constructed out of some of the afroed PBS painter’s most relaxing episodes, Chill With Bob Ross is a collection of peaceful journeys into wintry landscapes bereft of the stain of humanity, calmly and patiently painted by a man with pure Buddha nature. Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

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