The ‘war of 2021’, another conflict between UEFA and FIFA

first_imgThe world soccer calendar was not prepared for an alteration such as that caused by the coronavirus. The wars that UEFA and FIFA have been leading for years to dominate the world scene will culminate in 2021. The postponement of the European Championship clashes head-on with the idea of ​​FIFA to launch at full speed its new and expanded Club World Cup. The date for this World Cup with the best teams in the world was scheduled for June and July 2021. The change from what was originally planned and its dispute in 2022, in principle, involves very serious problems. FIFA had signed a multi-million dollar contract with China to host it, and while it will remain, it delays payments and paralyzes trade deals. Important changes in the calendar In addition to the purely economic and egos conflict, there is also a much larger one: the footballers. Players are not machines, they have been in charge of remembering from unions in all countries. However, this narrowing of the calendar will be mainly affected by them. Major league footballers will end the current season very late (there is even talk of stepping on July), but they will barely have time to rest thinking about the next course. Being Eurocopa season, they should start as soon as possible in August and thus end with enough time to prepare for the continental tournament. They will hardly have vacations or rest. Some competitions will join them with others.The same will be repeated in 2022 with those who play the Club World Cup, which will prevent them from having a free summer once again.. It must be remembered that in November of that same year the Qatar World Cup will be held. That is, it may be the case that some footballers link three consecutive summers without resting and having to face international tournaments before facing the first World Cup in history. A calendar overload that once again highlights the battle of FIFA and UEFA to dominate it. There is no room for another tournament; nor, far from it, a crisis like this one of the coronavirus.last_img read more

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