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We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?”IS IT TRUE that some local politicians think that Vanderburgh County is part of the United States Government by the way they are spending our tax dollars money?.IS IT TRUE that a late great professor from the University of Evansville once said, “come to the revolution all of this $%#! will cease?”…the obsession with fun and games spending is what has led the sheep to this unsustainable abyss?IS IT TRUE we would like to thank Vanderburgh Chief Deputy County Prosecuting Attorney Gary Schutte for doing one heck of a job for the citizens of Vanderburgh County?  …Vanderburgh County Prosecuting Attorney Nick Hermann should be very thankful that Mr. Schutte is around to watch his blind side?IS IT TRUE we are told that several people are upset with the way that the Vanderburgh County Prosecutor Nick Hermann has awarded ABK, Inc. drug testing contracts? …we are told that Mr. Hermann doesn’t put the contract for drug testing out for competitive bidding? ..we are told one would be extremely surprised how much Mr. Hermann pays ABK, Inc. for drug testing each year? …we wonder if the owner of the company doing drug testing for the County Prosecutors office ever donated to Mr. Hermann past or present campaigns? …we’re told if Stan Levco beat Nick Hermann in the Vanderburgh County Prosecutor race he will put the contract for drug testing out for competitive bidding?IS IT TRUE we are told that many people feel that its time that our elected officials pass an ordinance stating that if any individual or business who are wanting to do business with City or County government won’t be allowed to donate money to anyone running for elected office or who is an elected official?  …if this ordinance is adopted, it would help eliminate a conflict of interests or influence peddling?  …it wouldn’t hurt if they would also pass an ordinance stating that all bids over a certain dollar amount must be put for competitive bids?IS IT TRUE when Vanderburgh County Prosecutor Nick Hermann received the political endorsement from the local Fraternal Order of Police Association 8 years ago over Stan Levco Mr. Hermann said: “it was awesome to be endorsed by the local FOP”?  …last month Stan Levco received the endorsement of the local Fraternal Order of Police for Vanderburgh County Prosecutor?  …we are told that the Vanderburgh County Prosecutor Nick Hermann now feels that FOP enforcement means nothing?IS IT TRUE that the race between Joe Donnelly and Mike Braun is to close to call? …that our statistical guru predicts that the winning margin of this race could be decided by 200,000 votes or less? …he also predicts if the Libertarian candidate receives over 3 1/2 % of the popular vote then Joe Donnelly could be re-elected to the United States Senate by the slimmest of margins?IS IT TRUE we are wondering who is paying for the TV ads opposing the re-election of State Representative Wendy McNamara? …we feel that whoever placed these ads have wasted their money?  …it’s obvious that they don’t want you to vote for Ms. McNamara?  … they never say in the ad who they want you to vote for? …this TV is just downright dumb?IS IT TRUE we are told that Steve Folz (D) is giving Wendy (Mac) McNamara (R) a run for her money? …we hear when Mr. Folz ask the question; “how can Representative McNamara be paid as a full-time administrator with EVSC but is allowed to go to Indy many times every month to conduct her Legislative duties” may be getting the attention of some of the voters?IS IT TRUE we are told that several members of the Evansville Police Department are doing part-time doing security work at EVSC schools?  …we are told that want their hourly pay to be increased from $25 per hour to $30 an hour? …we are told that the Superintendent of Vanderburgh County Schools said “he will only increase their pay to $27 an hour”? …we can’t imagine why any responsible administer of a Metropolitan schools system would  jeopardize the safety of our children over a mere $5 dollar per hour raise for part-time public safety officers during times like this? …we hope that the newly elected EVSC School Board members will push to override Superintendent Smith’s ill-advised pay raise decision?IS IT TRUE we are told that the 8th District Congressmen Larry Bucshon will be re-elected by nice margin?IS IT TRUE that the House of Representative of the United States has many doctors who have given up their life’s work to run for elected office and Southwest Indiana is not without an example of such an official?…Dr. Larry Bucshon was a respected doctor before turning in his medical practice to run for Congress?…the issue that opiate addiction is just the kind of problem that congressional doctors should be taking on?  …we would like to thank Congressman Bucshon for stepping up to finding ways to fight this national problem?IS IT TRUE we are told that EVSC School Board will be adding two (2) new faces this coming year? …we are told that one of them may be Ann Ennis?IS IT TRUE we are told by several movers and shakers in Vanderburgh County politics that Vanderburgh County Commissioner Ben Shoulders is considered to be a rising political star?  …we agree with their assessment of Mr. Shoulders political staus?  …all we can add to their comment is “shine on Mr. Shoulders”?IS IT TRUE that Matt Hostetter is running unopposed in the District 64 State Representative seat in tomorrow’s election?  …although he has no opposition we urge you to give him a complimentary vote because we need a “true conservative” representing us at the Statehouse?Todays “READERS POLL” question: If the election was held today for District 76 State Representative race who would you vote for? 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