UHPA: The government must adopt the criteria as soon as possible and work out all the measures to know exactly what we can count on

first_imgBefore adopting the measures, UHPA sent its proposal of measures to the Ministry of Tourism, which concerns travel agencies, and today it sent a review of the proposal of measures to help the economy due to the coronavirus epidemic by the Government of the Republic of Croatia. As they point out in their statement, UHPA welcomes the Government’s proposal of measures to help the economy and certainly believes that the most important thing is to keep the jobs of hard-working employees of travel agencies. Employees are key in every business, especially in travel agencies where the greatest value is i know-how assets and highly motivated employees. / / / UHPA PROPOSES SPECIFIC MEASURES REGARDING LOSSES OF TRAVEL AGENCIES “For this reason, we are satisfied with the Government’s measure to ensure minimum wages for employees. One of the proposed measures of UHPA towards the Government of the Republic of Croatia was the exemption from paying contributions, taxes and surcharges on salaries to employees, which we believe is necessary for the survival of small and medium enterprises as the most vulnerable group in this disaster that befell us all. Of course, there are a large number of measures that our members will be able to use and certainly each of them will help us to overcome this unfavorable period. What is extremely important at this moment is that the Government adopts the criteria as soon as possible, and develops all measures so that our members know exactly what they can count on. ” points out Tomislav Fain, president of UHPA. The Association of Croatian Travel Agencies (UHPA) has sent a review of proposed measures to help the economy due to the coronavirus epidemic. The Government of the Republic of Croatia has adopted a Proposal of Measures to Assist the Economy Due to the Coronavirus Epidemic, which includes 63 measures, and their main goal is to preserve the liquidity and jobs of entrepreneurs, including measures related to the tourism sector.  The UHPA concludes that it will continue to monitor the situation regarding the adoption of measures and criteria in order to help its members overcome this situation in a timely manner.last_img read more

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