Governor Douglas supports President Obama’s auto emissions decision

first_imgGovernor Jim Douglas issued a statement yesterday regarding the Obama Administration s decision to adopt California standards nationally for automobile tailpipe emissions. Vermont was the first state to follow California’s lead in requiring a higher standard than the federal requirement. The Bush Administration had blocked the implementation of the tougher standards resulting in California, Vermont and other states suing the federal government. The auto industry then filed suit in an attempt to block the implementation of the California standards. I applaud the Obama Administration s clear-eyed decision to establish greenhouse gas standards for cars and light trucks based on California s strict tailpipe emissions standards. As the first state to adopt California s greenhouse gas emissions standards and to successfully defend them against legal challenges by the automobile industry in federal court, Vermont helped to pave the way for this decision. The science and economics of reducing carbon dioxide emissions from automobiles are irrefutable. Vermonters are proud that we have the smallest carbon footprint per capita in the United States. Yet, almost half of our carbon footprint comes from transportation. This decision is a significant win for the environment and for Vermonters pocketbooks. Although the details of this deal have not yet been officially announced, it is expected that the automobile industry will drop all the litigation challenging California s greenhouse gas emissions standards, including the lawsuit filed in Vermont.last_img read more

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